Drugged and shaved her 12 years old son pretending he had cancer

A 12 years old child was drugged and shaved from his mother pretending he had cancer

Reading this type of new it is impossible not to ask yourself: "What does this person has in her head?" orWhy she does that? As much as she gives some explanations, we find it difficult to believe. Be careful andreport these people with an 'upset head.’

drogaba hijo

What did this woman? The 47 years old, Carol Schnuphase put drugs based in opium in food giving it to her son to make his appearance seems sick, and she cut his hair and shaved his eyebrows up to make people believe that her son was dying of leukemia.

Investigators said Schnuphase was so convincing that she received about 7,500 dollars from religious associations, until her sister discovered the fraud.

"Her behavior is reprehensible, ma'am. Tell a vulnerable and defenceless child that he is dying of cancer for her own benefit is beyond comprehension skills, "said Judge Richard Caretti of MacombCounty.

Of course, the lady did not admit his guilt, but the judge could sentence her to one year in prison. Relatives criticized the judgment, because they believed she deserved five years in prison.

The boy does not have cancer, just went through a period of drug abstinence. He was also given up for adoption.

 drogaba hijo1
The mother's attorney argued that Schnuphase behaved improperly because she was "desperate" after the sudden death of her husband and the recent loss of her job.

Is it justifiable to 'despair' of the lady to abuse her own child?


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